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A R T I S T  B I O G R A P H Y

'Tabby Li is a London-based Artist (b.1994) specialising in painting and printmaking. Her artwork is centered in a primordial feminine world - emotionally intelligent and psychically conscious. Her artwork resides partly within domestic and intimate spaces where tensions and emotional undercurrents exist, and partly within an encompassing larger hidden space, past the modern world and purely secular isolation.

Solitude and vulnerability are clearly important aspects of the work. Li regularly explores space as solitude and embeds it with a presence and connectedness. Christian faith holds together the artworks of the old masters, and within the same sense, a more ancient meta-physical force is woven within Li's work.

Li's artwork isn't strictly expressionistic nor biographical but exists on the intersection of the emotional, spiritual and physical world. It is both a discussion on the human condition and a representation of humanity in a larger definitive sense, living within relative situations but existing within deep time. ' 

 - Toby Rainbird, Artist


S E L E C T E D   E X H I B I T I O N S 


Canal Boat Art Fair - Group Show - London

OPEN 04. - Park Royal Gallery - London

Home - Fringe Arts Bath - Bath 

OPEN 03. - Park Royal Gallery - London 

Everybody Can Be An Art Collector - Lighthouse Gallery - London

For Women by Women III - Ronapainting Gallery - Oxford 


OPEN 02. - Park Royal Gallery - London

Anonymous Drawings - Galerie im Körnerpark - Berlin


Masters Degree - Fine Art - 2023/24

City & Guilds of London School of Art  

Bachelor of the Arts Degree - Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics for Performance

University of the Arts London - London College of Fashion 

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